Justice Thomas tears achilles tendon

WASHINGTON -- Justice Clarence Thomas tore an achilles tendon during a pickup basketball game with law clerks last week and appeared in court Monday on crutches.

Supreme Court spokeswoman Toni House said Thomas, 44, was playing basketball in the Supreme Court's gymnasium after work Friday when he snapped his left achilles tendon.


He spent part of the weekend at Bethesda Naval Hospital after undergoing surgery Friday night, but returned to his Virginia home Sunday.

Thomas, 44, the youngest member of the court, is an avid weightlifter and had reported jogging 90 minutes a day recently, but was playing basketball in the court's gym for the first time Friday, House said.

Thomas said the tendon snapped as he attempted a jump shot. He reported being in no pain but was expected to be on crutches for three weeks and a cast for three months, House said.

The achilles tendon is the thick tendon connecting the back of the heel to the muscles of the calf.

Thomas said the injury will not interfere with his work on the court, House said.

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