Razzie Awards (dis)honor Stallone again

VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Reporter

HOLLYWOOD -- The unlucky 13th annual Golden Raspberry Awards were dominated Sunday by two movies that bombed with both critics and fans -- 'Shining Through' and 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,' each with three Razzies.

'Shining Through,' a dreadful love story involving Melanie Griffith as an American spy in Nazi Germany and Michael Douglas as her spymaster- lover, was voted worst picture by 386 members of the Razzie Foundation, an international group of film professionals, critics and fans.


Griffith was worst actress of the year for two performances: in 'Shining Through' and for playing a detective in a Jewish ghetto in 'A Stranger Among Us.'

David Seltzer was voted worst director for 'Shining Through.'

Sylvester Stallone, long a favorite of Razzie voters for worst actor with three previous wins (or losses) over the past nine years, again was voted worst actor of the year for his comedy performance as a cop with a battle ax mother in 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot.'

Stallone was singled out by the organization as worst actor of the decade in 1990.

Estelle Getty, who took time out from her regular chores as a member of TV's 'Golden Girls' series to play Stallone's mother, won the award for worst supporting actress.


Blake Snyder, William Osborne and William Davis, who co-wrote the script for 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot,' shared the discredit for worst screenplay.

Tom Selleck, another favorite target of the Razzie Foundation's voters was deemed worst supporting actor of 1992 for his performance in 'Christopher Columbus: The Discovery.'

Voted worst new star of the year was the former MTV personality Pauly Shore for his screen debut in 'Encino Man.'

Alan Menken and Jack Feldman were the recipients of the award for worst original song for 'High Times, Hard Times' from 'Newsies,' another cataclysmic box-office fizzle.

The Razzies -- awards with a gold spray-painted, golf-ball-sized plastic raspberry atop a mangled film reel valued at $1.79 -- were presented at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, scene of the first Academy Awards 65 years ago. None of the winners was expected to attend.NEWLN: (

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