Dick Van Dyke gets H'wood star -- misspelled

HOLLYWOOD -- Comedian Dick Van Dyke received the 1,975th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday, but the star-makers didn't get it quite right.

When Van Dyke, Emmy-winning star of the old 'Dick Van Dyke Show,' unveiled the star, his last name was spelled as one word -- Vandyke.


'They made it one word accidentally,' said Ana Martinez-Holler, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. 'It's being repaired right away.'

Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant acknowledged the typo and gave Van Dyke a pen, which the comic used to draw a vertical line between the 'n' and 'd.'

Also in attendance were Carl Reiner, brother Jerry Van Dyke of the ABC series 'Coach,' and actress Hope Lange, who played Van Dyke's wife on the second 'Dick Van Dyke Show.'

The star is located next to that of legendary film comic Stan Laurel.

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