Sex killer Jeffrey Dahmer still has urges to kill

NEW YORK -- Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, serving consecutive life senteces for the sex murders of 16 young men, says he still has the urge to kill.

'I wish I could say that it just left me completely, but no, there are still times when I still do have those old compulsions,' Dahmer said in an interviews with the syndicated television magazine 'Inside Edition' to be broadcast in a three-part series Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.


Dahmer, currently imprisoned at the Columbia Correctional Facility in Portage, Wis., said he never killed and dismembered his victims out of hate or anger.

'...I wanted to keep them with me, and as my obsession grew, I was saving body parts such as skulls and skeleton,' he said.

'At the time it was almost addictive -- it was almost a surge of energy I would feel.'

Dahmer was caught in July 1991 after his last victim was able to escape alive from his apartment in Milwaukee. At the time, Dahmer told police he had killed 17 males between 1978 and 1991.

Last February, he was convicted in 15 of the slayings and sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in prison. In May, he was convicted in a 1978 killing in Ohio.


Police discovered a chamber of horrors in Dahmer's apartment after his arrest. Dahmer stored his victim's body parts in jugs of acid, in the freezer and in his bathtub.

Dahmer told police that he would offer his victims money to pose for photos or videos, then drug them, generally kill them by strangling them and then dismember them.

He said he had a regular ritual for picking up his victims.

'I'd got to the nightclubs, drink, watch the striptease shows and if I didn't meet anyone at the bars, I'd go to the bathhouses and meet someone there, offer them money and we'd go back to the apartment.'

After a few drinks, Dahmer said 'I'd have the sleep pill mixture already prepared, the person would drink it, fall asleep, and that's when they would be strangled.'

He said he watched the movie 'Exorcist 3' over and over.

'I felt so hopelessly evil and perverted that I actually derived some sort of pleasure from watching the tape.'

Did he enjoy feeling evil?

'No, No, I didn't,' he replied. 'But I tried to overcome the thoughs, and it worked for a while, but eventually I gave in.'


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