Nanny: Mia wanted me to back her story

NEW YORK -- A former nanny for Mia Farrow's children has given two sworn affidavits describing how the actress tried to coax her into saying that Woody Allen molested their 7-year-old adopted daughter, Dylan, Allen's attorneys said Monday.

The nanny, Monica Thompson, quit Jan. 25 after she was subpoenaed by Farrow in the bitter child custody battle between the two former lovers.


In the affidavits she gave to Allen's lawyers, Thompson said, 'On several occasions, Ms. Farrow has asked me if I would be 'on her side.''

She said another of Farrow's employees who sometimes sat for Dylan had privately told her that she had doubts about Farrow's abuse claims.

Farrow, 47, romantically involved with the 57-year-old Allen for 13 years until the actor-director began an affair with her 21-year-old adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Pevin, has charged Allen with sexually molesting Dylan at her Connecticut home last summer.


The allegation has been under investigation by Connecticut State Police for five months, but Allen, who has angrily denied it, has not been charged.

Leslee Dart, Allen's spokeswoman, said Monday that the affidavits were given to his attorneys last summer and in January.

'My initial review persuades me that the charge of child abuse is a fabrication,' said Julia Perles, one of Allen's attorneys. '...Prior to the fabricated charges of child abuse, Miss Farrow had acknowledged that Mr. Allen had always been a loving and devoted father. That has not changed and will not change. He will never relinquish his rights as a parent.'

In one of the affidavits, Thompson said she was present while Farrow questioned Dylan on videotape.

'I recall Ms. Farrow saying to Dylan at that time, 'Dylan, what did Daddy do? Did he tell you to take your underwear off?' Dylan appeared not to be interested,' Thompson said.

She said she was present the day Farrow took Dylan to a pediatrician in New Milford, Conn., in regard to the abuse allegations. Dylan 'had been afraid to talk to the doctor,' she said.

Farrow took Dylan back the next day, and when she arrived home, Thompson said she told her, 'Everything is OK now. Everything is set.'


'She seemed happy and excited for herself,' Thompson said.

Farrow's attorney, Eleanor Alter, was not immediately available for comment, but she told the New York Post that Thompson's statements were 'simply not true.'

Thompson is expected to be called to the stand by Allen's attorneys in the upcoming custody battle in New York State Supreme Court, possibly starting next month.

The former nanny, who worked for Farrow for seven years, was originally thought to be siding with the actress, but she said that after being subpoenaed, 'I couldn't work there anymore, for I knew I wasn't going to testify for Mia Farrow.'

She said last week that Allen 'was always the better parent and all the things Miss Farrow is saying about him are not true.'

Farrow has maintained that Dylan was traumatized by the molestation and doesn't want to see her father or even accept gifts from him.

Last week, Farrow agreed to return Dylan to therapy and granted Allen visitation rights with the couple's natural son, Satchel, 5, In return Allen dropped his request for visitation right with Dylan.

He did not press for visitation with another adopted son, Moses, 14, from whom he is estranged.


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