Mia's nanny says Woody was the better parent


NEW YORK -- The nanny for Mia Farrow's children, under subpoena to testify in an increasingly bitter custody case brought by Woody Allen, said Tuesday that Allen was the better parent and charges against him brought by Farrow were 'not true.'

The statement of Monica Thompson, who worked for Farrow for seven years until she quit Monday, was issued by Allen's spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, as the custody battle over the famous couple's three children headed for trial in state Supreme Court, possibly next month.


Thompson, originally thought to be on the actress' side in her countersuit against Allen, can be expected to be a hostile witness in view of her statement.

'After I got the subpoena, I couldn't work there anymore, for I knew I wasn't going to testify for Mia Farrow,' Thompson said. 'Woody Allen was always the better parent and all the things Miss Farrow is saying about him are not true.'

Farrow, romantically involved with the 57-year-old Allen for 13 years until the actor-director began an affair with her 21-year-old adopted daughter, has charged Allen with sexually molesting one of their three children -- adopted daughter Dylan, 7 -- at her Connecticut home last summer.


The allegation has been under investigation by Connecticut State Police for five months but Allen, who has angrily denied it, has not been charged. Farrow has maintained that Dylan was traumatized by the molestation and doesn't want to see her father or even accept gifts from him.

But Thompson's statement denied this.

'Dylan always loved him (Allen) dearly and misses him,' Thompson's statement said. 'Dylan still loves him dearly.'

Farrow's attorney, Eleanor Alter, said Thompson had not witnessed the alleged molestation of Dylan. She said Farrow was 'relieved' by the nanny's resignation because she felt Thompson was paid by Allen as a 'spy.'

Allen issued a statement deploring the Thompson resignation.

'It's so sad that a woman who's put in seven devoted years to helping raise the children winds up with a subpoena, a few weeks' severance pay, and in search of a job.

'The children will miss her terribly as she and they were very close their whole lives.'

Last week, Farrow agreed to return Dylan to therapy and granted Allen visitation rights with the couple's natural son, Satchel, 5. In return, Allen dropped his request for visitation rights with Dylan.


He did not press for visitation with another adopted son, Moses, 14, from whom he is estranged.

As recently as December, 1991, Farrow also regarded Allen as a model parent. Writing in support of his adoption of Dylan and Moses, she pictured him as a 'loving, caring, attentive parent, far more of a father than most natural fathers are or choose to be.'

This was written shortly before Allen took up with her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, a relationship that turned Farrow against her longtime lover. Allen publicly admitted the affair and said he saw 'no great moral dilemma' in having a love affair with his children's adoptive sister.

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