Two of the jurors who convicted boxer Mike Tyson...

Dec. 9, 1992
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INDIANAPOLIS -- Two of the jurors who convicted boxer Mike Tyson of rape now say he deserves a new trial, based on things they have learned following his conviction last February.

Both David Vahle and Rose Pride said they now believe his accuser was motivated by money.

'I cannot see her as credible from what I know now,' Vahle said of accuser Desiree Washington.

'Right now, I wouldn't believe anything she said,' he told the New York Post.

Both Vahle and Pride told the newspaper that information about Washington's past and her desire to sell rights to her story should not have been kept from the jury.

'You don't do stuff like that just to get money,' Pride said. 'I think she committed a crime.'

Tyson's appeal attorney, Alan Dershowitz, was expected to use the jurors' comments in arguing for a new trial. He filed a new appeal last week, claiming information about Washington should not have been kept from the jury.

'The disclosure that at least two jurors would have voted to acquit Mike Tyson if they had known all the facts surrounding Desiree Washington's motive confirms what the Rhode Island Supreme Court previously said when it ordered Desiree Washington's lawyer to release information relating to her agreement with him to bring a civil suit against Mike Tyson,' Dershowitz said in a statement.

'On June 25, 1992, the Rhode Island Supreme Court said that 'the existence of the contingency fee agreement should have been made known to the trial court' and that 'its existence might well have had a bearing on the jury's determination.'

'Now that we know that it definitely would have had an impact on the jury's verdict, the case for granting a new trial -- at which all the evidence is admitted -- is overwhelming.'

Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison for raping Washington at an Indianapolis hotel room during July 1991. He was in Indianapolis as a guest of Black Expo and Washington, from Rhode Island, was a contestant in the Miss Black America pageant.

Washington and her parents have filed a federal civil lawsuit against Tyson.

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