Witnesses tell of girl's murder


SALEM, Mass. -- A witness testified Friday a teenager on trial for stabbing his pregnant girlfriend to death laughed after he and an accomplice threw the victim's body into a pond and heard it 'crunch.'

Dominick Sciola, 17, was on the stand in Essex Superior Court in the third day of testimony in the first-degree murder trial of his friend Jamie Fuller, 17, of Beverly, an amateur bodybuilder accused of stabbing Amy Carnevale, 14, and disposing of her body in a Beverly pond.


Sciola said he was with a group of youths who went with Fuller and Carnevale on the night she was killed in Aug. 22, 1991.

He said Fuller and Carnevale went into some woods and he heard 'a couple of screams.' He said Fuller walked out of the woods and told his friends, 'It's done.'

Sciola said Fuller 'had blood on his hands and forearms and his shirt. He showed us a knife in a towel.' He said the knife 'was broken and the tip was bent.'

Sciola, who was testifying under immunity, said Fuller later came back to his neighborhood and told him he and Michael Maillet threw the Beverly girl's weighted-down body over a fence and into Shoe Pond.


'He said he threw her over the fence and could hear her bones crunch. He said he and Mikey like laughed.'

Sciola also said Fuller threatened to kill anyone who talked about the killing.

Under cross examination by defense attorney Hugh Sampson, Sciola also said he had seen Fuller buy steroids and drink heavily, sometimes up to a case of beer a day.

Sampson is trying to establish that Fuller was not criminally responsible for the killing because he was not in control of his actions due to his use of alcohol and steroids.

The prosecution later rested its case. Sampson was expected to call his first witnesses Monday.

A witness Thursday testified Fuller told him how he stabbed the girl and then stepped on her throat in anger because the dying teen told him she still loved him.

The prosecution claims Fuller killed the girl out of jealousy and because she was pregnant.

In testimony Thursday, Mark DeMeule, told how Fuller came out of a woods covered with blood and described how he killed Carnevale.

'He said he put his hand over her mouth, said 'Amy, I love you' and stabbed her in the stomach,' DeMeule testified.


He said Fuller also cut Carnevale's throat when she tried to flee.

'She was on the ground saying 'I love you, Jamie,'' DeMeule quoted Fuller as telling him. DeMeule said the girl's expression of love so angered Fuller that 'he stepped on her throat.'

DeMeule also testified that Fuller described how he and Maillet disposed of Carnevale's body by weighing it with cinder blocks and dumping it in a pond.

Maillet is to be tried next month as an accessory after the fact.

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