Perot's back in the race

AUGUSTA, Kan. -- A 9-year-old girl who wrote independent presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, asking him to run and asking for a campaign button, says she's delighted he's back in the race.

Perot told the news conference at which he announced he was reentering the presidential sweepstakes that a letter he received from Adrianne Caggiano, along with others, was a major factor in his decision.


Caggiano was all giggles and smiles Thursday night, as she finished three live television interviews. But she said she actually missed her big moment.

'I was in the kitchen and I heard him talking, so I went over and sat down,' she said. 'When I heard that he was running again, I went up and told my mom about it.'

'I missed him talking about my letter, and him showing my picture,' she said.

Her letter to Perot came out of an interest in buttons.

Adrianne asked Perot for both a campaign button, and an autograph, said Adrianne's mother Kathy.

'I told her to write him and ask for it,' said the older Caggiano. 'I was pretty impressed that she started showing an interest.'


That interest is focused almost entirely on the Texas businessman.

'It's more Ross Perot than politics she's interested in,' the elder Caggiano said. 'We've discussed it around the house, and she picked up on it. She wanted to know all about it.'

Adrianne Caggiano will turn 10 on election day and said she would vote for Perot, if she could.

'He's more serious about it all,' she said. 'He tells the truth about everything.'

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