Secret video tape: Amy wants sex in prison

NEW YORK -- Just hours before a Long Island teenage girl pleaded guilty this week to shooting her alleged lover's wife, she was secretly videotaped urging a male friend to marry her so she can have 'conjugal visits' in prison.

Amy Fisher, 18, also says she wants to keep her name in the press 'because I can make a lot of money.'


The 90-minute video tape, reportedly taken Tuesday night, was obtained by reporter Raf Abramovitz of the syndicated television show 'Hard Copy' and will be aired locally at 4:30 p.m. Friday on WCBS.

On Wednesday, Fisher, of South Merrick, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of reckless assault that could send her to prison for 5 to 15 years.

She had been charged with attempted murder for the May 19 shooting of Mary Jo Buttafuoco, 37. Prosecutors claimed she shot the Massapequa, Long Island, housewife in a jealous belief the woman's husband had broken off their relationship.

The husband, Joseph Buttafuoco, 38, has denied there was anything between he and Fisher, but her attorney has indicated the burly auto repairman may be facing statutory rape charges.

The videotape, apparently shot about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, shows Fisher talking with Paul Makely, co-owner of a Massapequa gym where Fisher had worked out.

One scene shows Fisher sitting on Makely's lap.

'Did anyone follow you here?' Makely asks.

'The press can't keep up with me,' she replies. 'Only the cops can.'

When Makely asks her 'what six things' she wants as gifts, she kisses him, then says, 'Marry me...marry me, I'm serious.'

Makely declines, and then Fisher says, 'This is the reason -- conjugal visits.'

Fisher describes the Bedford Hill Correction Facility in suburban Westchester County, where she is likely to be imprisoned, as 'like a convent.'

'Five years is a long time,' Makely says at one point.

'I'll be out in two years, nine months and a week,' Fisher replies. '(Her lawyer Eric Naiburg) is coming up personally to get me out.'

Fisher told Makely that Naiburg believes requiring people to be married for conjugal visits in prison is 'unconstitutional' and that she would be his client in challenging the law.

'That will keep my name in the press. Why? Because I can make a lot of money. I figure if I'm going through all this pain and suffering, I'm getting a Ferrari.'

Fisher is due to be sentenced Dec. 1. Until then, she told Makely, she wants to ride in a friend's Corvette, go to Long Island's Hamptons for a weekend, learn to play pool, ride a dirt bike -- and get drunk.

Abramovitz would not say how 'Hard Copy' obtained the tape, but said the show did not pay for it.

Naiburg said Friday he didn't think the tape was damaging to his client.

'Not at all,' he said. 'We are dealing here with a situation where a young girl who faces a considerable prison sentence is speaking to a friend. There is nothing damaging. Much of what she said was in jest, with a smile on her face.'

Naiburg said whoever videotaped the conversation was acting in a 'despicable' manner.'

'It's as low as you can get,' he said. 'Everyone wants a piece of this kid.'

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