Soon-Yi says Woody no father figure, Mia not maternal

NEW YORK -- Soon-Yi Previn said in interviews released Sunday her adoptive mother Mia Farrow 'has been violent toward me' and dismissed the idea that Woody Allen has been a father figure for her as 'laughable.'

Farrow had a 12-year relationship with the actor-director, who is now romantically involved with Previn.


But Previn, a Korean orphan Farrow adopted during her marriage to composer-conductor Andre Previn, said she had never considered Allen to be her stepfather, despite his long relationship with her mother.

'To think that Woody was in any way a father or stepfather to me is laughable,' the young woman told Time magazine in a brief interview to be published Monday.

'My parents are Andre Previn and Mia, but obviously they're not even my real parents. I came to America when I was 7. I was never remotely close to Woody,' the college student said.


Previn said both her driver's license and passport show her to be 21, although Farrow's supporters have said there is some confusion about her age and that she is actually closer to 19. Allen is 56.

Allen's affair with Previn is one of two scandals surrounding the filmmaker. Farrow has accused him of sexually abusing 7-year-old Dylan, one of two children she and Allen adopted together.

Allen, who denies the allegations, has filed for custody of Dylan and Moses, 14, who is also adopted. He is also seeking custody of 4-year-old Satchel, his biological son with Farrow. Attorneys for Allen and Farrow are due in state Supreme Court in Manhattan Monday and Tuesday for hearings on the custody petition.

Farrow has 11 children, both natural and adopted, but in the Time interview Previn said the actress's treatment of her was 'hardly maternal' and sometimes turned violent.

Previn did not discuss reports that Farrow had hit her with a chair and shredded her clothing after learning her lover had transferred his affections to her daughter.

'I don't go home because Mia can be and has been violent toward me. I will not go into details but her treatment of me was hardly maternal, even given our current problems. She is not who she pretends to be, certainly not the kind of mother (people think), and while my brothers and sisters are still dependent on her, they will say things and pretend to feelings I know full well not to be true,' she said.


'I was not raped, molested or manipulated as Mia has hysterically charged, nor am I retarded or mentally slow as she would have you believe,' added Previn, who is taking a summer course at Rider College in Lawrenceville, N.J.

In a statement given to Newsweek magazine, Previn said she had 'conclusive proof' that her mother had treated her violently. 'Mia was always very hot-tempered and given to rages which terrified all the kids,' she said.

Farrow, contacted by Newsweek, declined comment on the allegations of violence, saying only, 'I love her very much. I'm heartbroken.'

Farrow reportedly threw Previn out of her West Side Manhattan apartment after she learned of her daughter's affair with Allen. The actress discovered the relationship two weeks ago when she found nude pictures of her daughter and realized they had been taken in Allen's Fifth Avenue penthouse.

'There is no question I owe Mia a great deal for adopting me. For that gesture I still love her. But responsiblity does not stop at the act of adopting. I truly regret Mia chose to burden all the children with these adult problems,' Previn told Time.

In the statement given to Newsweek, Previn also stressed that she rarely had contact with Allen until about one year ago.


'Please don't try and dramatize my relationship with Woody Allen. He was never any kind of father figure to me,' she said.

Allen, in an interview with Time released Saturday, said although his three children consider Previn their sister, he 'didn't feel that there was any great moral dilemma' in starting a relationship with his ex- lover's adopted daughter.

'I am not Soon-Yi's father or stepfather,' he said. 'I've never even lived with Mia. I have never in my entire life slept at Mia's apartment, and I never even used to go over there until my children came along seven years ago. I was not any type of father to her adopted kids in any sense of the word.'

Allen confirmed that he had taken nude photos of Previn.

'Soon-Yi had talked about being a model and said to me would I take some pictures of her without her clothes on. And at this time we had an intimate relationship, so I said, sure, and I did. It was just a lark of a moment.'

In the Time interview, Allen again denied Farrow's allegations that he had sexually abused Dylan.

Connecticut State Police are investigating the molestation allegations.


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