Aug. 1, 1992
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NEWLN: JEFF REYNOLDS United Press International

MICHAEL TO FAN: GET A LIFE : Megastar Michael Jackson 's routine has gotten million of fans to jump over the years, but at least once it had the opposite effect. Jackson, playing a series of concerts at London's Wembley Stadium, is credited with saving the life of an overanxious fan who climbed a sixth-floor ledge across the street from Jackson's hotel and threatened to jump unless he got to see his idol. Jackson was quickly contacted by police and, speaking through a telephone passed out the window to 28-year-old Eric Herminie , pleaded: 'Please don't kill yourself.' The singer spoke several minutes with Herminie and then, wearing his stage costume, appeared on his own balcony moments later, waving across the street to his weeping fan and strutting through an improvised dance routine across his hotel furniture. Herminie, apparently enjoying the show along with fans who gathered on the street below, quickly retreated to the safety of the building. 'He was desperate to help as soon as he heard about the situation,' Jonathan Morrish , a member of Jackson's entourage, told the Daily Mail newspaper. 'Nobody cares more for his fans than Michael, and he wouldn't want any of them to come to any harm.'NEWLN:

POLITICS IS IN THE FAMILY: Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton 's half-brother, Roger , has politics in his blood, too, but it isn't the same. He has a rythym and blues band in Arkansas called 'Politics.' 'It isn't because of my brother,' he explains to Entertainment Weekly. 'Politics dictates what goes on everywhere.' He says he will be impartial if his brother becomes president and does a lousy job in the White House. 'He may stink as president and if he does, I'll be the first to tell him.'NEWLN:

TOO MUCH REALITY : Director Martin Scorcese 's passion for reality got a bit out of hand when it came to costuming for filming the Edith Wharton classic, 'The Age of Innocence.' During the opening scene of the movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer , Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis , some of the corsets were laced so tightly that two of the extras fainted. Others complained of blood blisters and aching muscles from the binding Victorian underthings. Things improved somewhat as the filing progressed, partly because some of the extras 'mislaid' their corsets and apparently just pulled in their tummies. The tightened circumstances did not seem to bother Pfeiffer and Ryder.NEWLN:

CINEMATIC PROTECTIONISM? German film director Wim Wenders is getting a bad press in the movie industry for suggesting limitations on European imports of American films, and banning the violent ones. Wenders has made the suggestion as chairman of the European Film Academy. Jack Valenti , head of the Motion Picture Association of America, calls the quota idea 'censorship' and notes that Wenders 'has taken a lot of American money' as an art house filmmaker. Entertainment Weekly says the Guardian newspaper in Britain compared Wenders to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief during World War II.NEWLN:

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