Alleged drug trafficker extradited to the U.S.

GUATEMALA CITY -- Victor Manuel Escobar became the second Guatemalan to be extradited to the United States in less than a week Friday when he was flown to New York to face three federal drug trafficking charges, officials said.

Authorities said Escobar, who was unexpectedly flown north in a U.S.- owned light plane, is an alleged accomplice of Arnoldo Vargas, the former mayor of Zacapa who was taken to the United States on Tuesday to face drug trafficking charges.


The two men, along with Otto Evelio Quiroz, were captured by Guatemalan police and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials in December 1990 and had been held in custody while attorneys sought to avoid extradition proceedings.

Lawyers for Quiroz said his case was still under examination although his extradition could be secured within days.

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