Second victim's family gets killer's confession letter

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- A written apology to the family of a slain Georgia teenager was received Thursday, a day after the parents of another victim received a similar note from the man who confessed to killing the girls, authorities said.

The parents of Megan Carr, 16, of Thomasville, Ga., received a handwritten letter from Robert Rodriguez a day after Cherish DeSantis' parents, said Franklin County Sheriff Warren Roddenberry.


Both girls were found dead on a north Florida beach at Alligator Point March 27. Each had been shot twice in the head.

Roddenberry said he had no idea how Rodriguez obtained the home addresses for the girls. Investigators reported nothing was missing from the girls' personal effects when their bodies were discovered by a vacationing police officer and his wife.

Rodriguez, 42, is known to have written at least five letters before taking his own life by drinking a mixture of scotch and cyanide Saturday at an Interstate 40 rest stop near Grants, N.M.

On Monday, the Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff received a letter from the former Oregon police officer, in which Rodriguez alerted reporters to his intentions to kill himself, and where to find his body. Rodriguez also claimed responsibility for killing three women.


A six-page letter was received by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tuesday, which tipped agents that letters had also been sent to the two victims' families. Both families were advised to expect letters.

At least one of Rodriguez' former girlfriends reported receiving mail as well. The unidentified woman was advised by police not to divulge its contents.

Roddenberry said the letter to the FDLE contained 'over 60 leads' that agents were trying to verify before making the letter public.

'My personal feeling is this is our man, and this will wind the investigation up,' Roddenberry said. 'But it's going to be a time consuming, drawn-out thing.'

Authorities have so far indicated Rodriguez confessed to the deaths of the two Georgia girls, who apparently were targeted on a random basis. He also confessed to abducting and killing Tallahassee college student Valerie Hunt, 22, in June 1984.

Since her remains were discovered in a swamp south of Tallahassee three months after she disappeared, Hunt's death remained a mystery.

Roddenberry said the FDLE letter solved the puzzle.

'He explained her death to us,' the sheriff said.

Roddenberry said there was no reason to suspect Rodriguez was responsible for any other homicides.


Rodriguez left a suicide note by his side that said he was taking his life to give his victims' families 'peace of mind,' and to avoid going to prison.

He was found in his blue Plymouth Volare, which was what led investigators to question him initially after Alligator Point residents reported seeing such a car near the site of the homicides.

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