Student opens fire in school

NAPA, Calif. -- A teenager, likening himself to a character in the movie 'New Jack City,' pulled out a .357 Magnum in his eighth grade science class Thursday and opened fire, wounding two students.

Police Chief Dan Monez said the shooting took place at 8:15 a.m. PDT at the Silverado Middle School and may have been done in revenge for a dunking incident in a physical education class the day before.


'He felt he had been picked on and harassed by a number of students over time,' Monez said. 'It was the typical kind of junior high stuff -- over his weight and whatever else. Apparently over time it just built up. Then there was a dunking incident yesterday in a PE class.'

The unidentified teenager entered his biology class and when the students began to dissect worms, he pulled out the gun from his waistband and fired one round. The bullet ripped through one student's arm and then grazed a second.

Both students were rushed to the hospital where one was released with a minor chest injury while the other faces surgery to repair damage to his arm.


'No one saw him fire the shot, but when the teacher looked up he asked what he (the student) was doing, the student said: 'Shut up or I'll shoot you too,' Monez said. 'Some students have told us he then yelled: 'I'm the New Jack City hustler,'' a violent dope dealer in the movie.

'The room them went into a total panic. Kids were jumping out of windows (of the first-floor classroom) and diving under desks. The two students who were wounded ran down to the office. The student (gunman) calmly walked through the room where the other students were pleading with him not to kill them. He walked into a hall and then went outside and fired one round into a bush.'

At that point, the gunman was talked into laying down his pistol by a group of teachers.

'That was a real act of courage,' Monez said. 'Who knows what the kid was going to do.'

The student was taken into custody and charged with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of bringing a gun onto school property.

Monez also said the student may have acted out the shooting several weeks ago.


'Some students have told us he brought the gun to campus several weeks ago and told them he was going to kill someone,' the chief said. 'But they thought he was full of bull....'

Monez said the police were also looking into filing charges against the boy's father under the state's new law holding a gun-owning parent responsible if their child uses the weapon to commit a felony.

The shooting also came just 13 days after a gunman in Yuba County, near Sacramento, killed four people and wounded nine at his old high school.

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