Korean students protest assaults on Los Angeles Koreans

SEOUL, South Korea, May 4, 1992 (UPI) -- About 50 students staged a brief demonstration and delivered an open letter to the American Embassy in downtown Seoul Monday, protesting assaults on members of the Korean community during the Los Angeles rioting. The youths, identifying themselves as members of the Seoul Area Students Alliance, demanded in the letter that the United States apologize for the attacks, compensate for the loss suffered by Korean residents and provide full protection for them.

They further demanded that ''the United States leave this land, calling off its pressures to force open South Korean's domestic market, and get North Korea to accept nuclear inspections.''


The attacks on members of the Korean community last week have been widely publicized in Korea itself.

An official report in Seoul said one Korean was killed and 46 others were injured in the rioting. Property damange was estimated at more than $331 million, including houses and shops burned down and looted, according to the report.

The Foreign Ministry has dispatched a fact-finding team to Los Angeles, and opposition leader Kim Dae Jung led a group from his Democratic Party to the stricken city to have a look at what happened and to console the Korean victims.


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