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PITTSBURGH (UPI) -- Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Glenn Cannon said he will resign, and Police Chief Mayer DeRoy has announced he will retire.


Cannon, 44, who has been public safety director for six years, is expected to stay in Mayor Sophie Masloff's administration.

'It's time,' said Cannon. 'Like (former Pittsburgh Steelers Coach) Chuck Noll says, it's time to get on with my life's work.'

Cannon said he has been discussing a number of positions in the adminstration, including director of the Water and Sewer Authority.

'I did not wish to lose the service of an indivdual with such stellar credentials as Glenn Cannon, considering the enormous improvements he's brought to the city,' said James Turner, the city's chief administrative officer. 'My fondest hope is to find him something outside of Public Safety.'


Cannon said he is resigning because he has grown tired of battling with the police, fire and paramedics unions.

'Every step of the way has been a fight,' Cannon said. 'You get tired, and you have to have someone fresh to take up the battles.'

The Public Safety Department was formed in 1985 and includes the Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services and Building Inspection Bureaus.

DeRoy, 61, announced his retirement Wednesday night at the annual banquet of the Fraternal Order of Police.

'It's time to give way to the younger people in the wings,' said DeRoy, who has been a police officer for 35 years and was named chief in May 1990.

DeRoy will leave under an early retirement plan for police officers who are at least 50 years old and who have at least 25 years of service that will pay 75 percent of their annual salary. DeRoy will receive $48, 000 a year in retirement.

Masloff would not comment on possible successors to Cannon or DeRoy.

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