Paulsen laughed off California ballot

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A judge who takes his politics seriously has banned Pat Paulsen, the comedian who has made a second career of running for president, from the California Republican primary ballot.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge James Ford ruled Tuesday that Paulsen is not a serious candidate.


'I do not want to reduce the campaign for an important office like president of the United States to some kind of farce,' Ford said.

Ford's ruling supported Secretary of State March Fong Eu, who had said Paulsen is not a 'generally recognized candidate,' a requirement for the ballot.

Paulsen, who has run for president in every election since 1968, has advocated an invasion of Canada and proposed stopping crime in the streets by 'eliminating a lot of streets -- we have too many already.'

'While people may be amused and enjoy Mr. Paulsen's campaign,' Ford said, '(that) does not mean he has significant support by anyone who wants to see him president of the United States or eliminate all our streets or go to war against Canada.'

Paulsen was campaigning in Florida and did not attend the court hearing. His lawyer, John Mounier Jr., argued that Paulsen is a 'generally recognized candidate.' Mounier said Paulsen had been on the primary ballots in Louisiana, New Hampshire and Kansas and had done fairly well.

Paulsen introduces himself on the front of campaign fliers: 'They say that only a fool would want to run against George Bush and I am ready to accept that challenge.'

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