Cannibalism suspected in bodyparts case

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. -- Cannibalism has not been ruled out in the murders of two people whose bodies were dismembered and the parts were scattered about the kitchen in the suspect's farmhouse, authorities said Friday.

'We can't rule (cannibalism) out, but we also can't talk about any particulars of the case,' a spokesman for District Attorney Carl Fox said.


Fox has said he would seek a death penalty prosecution against unemployed roofer David Sokolowski.

Sokolowski was charged with murder after the discovery of body parts scattered around his rented Hillsborough farm. The victims have been identified as Rubel 'Little Man' Hill, 35, an acquaintance of the suspect, and Pamela Ellwood, 42, identified as Sokolowski's girlfriend.

'The evidence would seem to indicate there might have been cannibalism,' the spokesman said.

Deputies found an ear in a bowl of plastic fruit, some hair and skin in a microwave oven, and more ears and a liver inside a jar in Sokolowski's refrigerator.

Police acting on a tip searched the farmhouse earlier this month and found part of a man's torso burning in a fire in the yard.

Sokolowski and another suspect were arrested shortly afteward on a murder charge in the Hill case. The warrant in the Ellwood death came after relatives identified an earring on one of the severed ears found as being that of the woman.


Sokolowski is undergoing psychiatric evaluation at Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh.

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