List of GM plant closings


DETROIT -- General Motors Corp. said Monday it is closing the following plants:

--Willow Run Assembly Plant, Ypsilanti, Mich., with 4,014 employes. It produces the Chevrolet Caprice sedan and wagon, Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser wagon and Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon. Production will be consolidated with production at the plant in Arlington, Texas. Consolidation will be completed and the Willow Run plant will cease operations by the summer of 1993.


--Tarrytown Assembly Plant, North Tarrytown, N.Y., with 3,456 employes. It produces the Chevrolet Lumina APV, Pontiac Trans Sport and Oldsmobile Silhouette. Production will cease at Tarrytown in the summer of 1995. At that time, a new model van will be produced elsewhere.

--Flint, Mich., V8 Engine Plant with 4,036 employes. The plant will cease operations in 1995, with production to be consolidated at the Romulus, Mich., engine plant.

--Moraine, Ohio, Engine Plant with 549 employes. Operations cease at the Moraine plant in the summer of 1995 and production will be consolidated in Toluca, Mexico.


--Saginaw, Mich., Grey Iron Foundry Head Castings, with 600 employes. Head castings will be consolidated from Saginaw Grey Iron with the Defiance (Ohio) Casting Plant by the summer of 1994.

--St. Catharines, Ontario, 3.1 liter V6 Engine with 165 employes. Production of these engines will be discontinued in the fall of 1992. Production of other V6 and V8 engines will continue at St. Catharines.

--Detroit Plants 55 and 57 with 435 employes. Plant 55 is a maintenance facility and is part of the Gear and Axle complex. Work at Plant 55 will be relocated in the Gear and Axle complex by the end of 1993. Plant 57 makes components for brakes and axles. Work at Plant 57 will be relocated within the complex by the end of 1992.

--Delco Chassis, Dayton, Ohio, Plant 20 with 249 employes. This plant produces machine control systems. Operations will cease by the end of 1992.

--Delco Remy, Anderson, Ind., Plant 10 with 375 employes. Operations at this plant, which produces horns, are being discontinued and will cease by the end of the first quarter of 1992. Production is being consolidated within the Delco Remy Anderson complex.

--St. Catharines, Ontario, Casting Plant with 2,150 employees. This plant produces castings for blocks, heads and camshafts. Operations will cease in the spring of 1995 and production will be consolidated at the Saginaw, Michigan, Grey Iron, and Defiance, Ohio, foundries.


--Die Construction at Lordstown, Ohio, with 270 employes. Operations at this facility will cease in 1992. The work will be consolidated at other GM tool and die shops.NEWLN: ------

In its Dec. 18 announcement, GM said production of V6 engines in Lansing, Mich., plants One and Three would be discontinued starting in 1993. Coupled with Monday's announcement, a total of 14 plants are part of the 21 assembly and manufacturing operations which GM said in December would be idled over the next few years.

Also announced in December, the number of plants producing mid-size vehicles in various locations will be reduced from five to no more than four. The decision has not been made on what plants will be affected, GM said.

Additionally, GM chairman Robert Stempel said GM is pursuing the sale of operations at the Danville, Ill., foundry that produces castings for brake rotors, exhaust manifolds, etc.. There are 1,449 employes at Danville.

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