Mick Jagger barred, then admitted to Japan

TOKYO -- Immigration officials admitted Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger to Japan for 15 days Monday after first refusing him entry -- 19 years after he was barred from the country for an overseas drug offense.

Jagger tried to enter Japan at Narita International Airport outside Tokyo late Sunday when immigration officials stopped him at the customs check and refused him entry, Narita immigration officials said.


The 47-year-old British rocker has been on the immigration bureau's blacklist since 1972, when he was refused entry for his involvement with drugs. Any foreigner charged with a drug offense is banned forever from Japan's shores, a Justice Ministry spokeswoman said.

Past offenders have been allowed to reenter with special permission from the justice minister, and Jagger has returned to Japan several times since the original offense.

However, Jagger did not have the proper papers Sunday, and immigration authorities reportedly kept him at a hotel near the airport until government offices opened Monday morning, officials said.

Jagger came to Japan to promote the movie 'Free Jack,' in which he appears.

In 1967, Jagger was sentenced to three months in a British prison for illegal possession of drugs, but the sentence was reduced to one year's probation because the drugs had been purchased legally in Italy.


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