Four LSU football players arrested

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Four Louisiana State football players have been arrested as a result of fight Thursday night at an LSU athletic dormitory, according to a statement by LSU public relations director Gary Ballard.

Sophomore tight end Harold Bishop was charged with hitting a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.


Three other sophomores were arrested for disturbing the peace: starting running back James Jacquet, linebacker Shawn King and safety Anthony Marshall.

The incident, which occurred at an athletic dormitory at 11:10 p.m. (CST) Thursday, allegedly took place over a female. Campus police were assisted by city police to quell the disturbance.

'We're very well aware of the incident which took place Thursday,' LSU athletic director Joe Dean said in a statement. 'We're always concerned about any negative activity involving our athletes. We do feel that this is an internal department family matter and therefore it will be handled by the athletic department and the university.

'We will not take any action against any individual based on rumor or innuendo. Incidents like this are often exaggerated and details are embellished. The athletic director, football coach and basketball coach are working closely together in regards to the situation.'


Unconfirmed reports had LSU basketball players Shaquille O'Neal and Clarence Ceasar involved in the altercation. But school officials said neither player was arrested and the matter was closed with respect to the players.

No injuries were reported.

Reports also indicate further arrests are expected pending further investigations.

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