Ng told ex-cellmate of torture

SACRAMENTO -- Accused mass killer Charles Ng bragged about torturing women in a sex-slave dungeon hidden in Calaveras County, a former cellmate said in a television interview.

Ng, who is charged with 11 murders at the rural bunker, described using pliers, drills and other tools to disfigure women as they screamed in agony, the former friend told the television news magazine show 'Inside Edition.'


'He used other instruments of torture -- vise grips -- on fingers, on knuckles, on sensitive body parts,' according to a transcript of the interview with Ng's one-time friend. 'He enjoyed it. It gave him pleasure. He loved to do that. I don't think sex to him was really important.'

The man was identified by 'Inside Edition' as a cellmate of Ng's at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where Ng was imprisoned in 1982 for stealing military weapons in Hawaii. The two men maintained a friendship after prison, he said, and Ng occasionally telephoned and described graphic details of the torture-murders in an attempt to get him to participate in the 'ops' -- Ng's military shorthand for 'operations.'

Fearing for his life, the man insisted that his name not be disclosed even though Ng is now confined at Folsom Prison awaiting trial in San Andreas.


'He can kill and not even think about it,' said the man, who expects to become a key prosecution witness at Ng's upcoming trial. 'He could kill you right now and go eat supper and not even think. That's how mean, that's how bad.'

Police discovered mass graves containing hacked and burned bodies at the Wilseyville cabin in 1985. They stumbled onto the grisly murders after they arrested Ng's alleged accomplice, survivalist Leonard Lake, trying to shoplift a vise from a South San Francisco hardware store.

When officers began questioning Lake at the police station, he committed suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill. Among his effects was an electricity bill for the cabin, where detectives found the bodies, a makeshift torture chamber and videotapes of female sex slaves begging for mercy.

Ng became the focus of an international manhunt that ended when he was arrested in Canada in 1985 during a shoplifting incident. Canadian authorities extradited the former Marine to the United States in September after a lengthy court battle.

His former friend said Ng fantasized in prison about using women as sex slaves and then killing them. Ng, the man said, felt he was powerful when he tortured women.


'The rape part wasn't important. The torture, the pure terror -- he wanted to see terror. He wanted to see them beg, to plead. That's what he really got off on. I don't think the sexual act itself was very gratifying to him,' the man said.

'He liked for them to fight back. And then, once they had stopped, then it was no longer fun. Then it's time to just put a round in their head and move on and find another one -- 'Let's go snatch another bitch, '' he said.

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