Imelda Marcos can claim her shoe collection

MANILA, Philippines -- Imelda Marcos can retrieve her personal belongings and fabulous collection of shoes on her return home.

"If she wants her shoes back," said President Corazon Aquino's chief aide, Franklin Drilon, "We will give them to her."


The opulent gowns, vats of expensive perfume and 1,700 pairs of shoes of Ferdinand Marcos's widow are the main attraction in the presidential palace museum.

They were put on display after the Marcoses were ousted in February, 1986 in a civilian-backed military revolt to serve as testimony to the luxurious lifestyle of the 20-year rulers while the nation wallowed in poverty.

The 62-year-old widow has said she plans to end 5 years of U.S. exile and fly home to Manila on Nov. 4 in two chartered jumbo jets with 300 reporters aboard.

Imelda said she wants to face charges in Manila that she helped her husband loot the nation of some $5 billion.

Reporters asked Drilon what will happen to the shoe collection when the former first lady returns.

"Even if she doesn't claim it, we will give it back to her," said Drilon.

Imelda has said Aquino might have used some of her shoes, saying their feet were of the same size.


A government critic, Rep. Lorna Verano-Yap, suggested the famous collection of expensive footwear has been replaced by cheaper local brands.

But Aquino's press undersecretary, Lourdes Sytangco, dismissed the claims Thursday.

"President Aquino's feet is size 6 . Mrs. Marcos's is 8," she said. "Most of the shoe collection are Christian Dior, Gucci. But about 20 percent are local shoes."

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