Gunman wrote letters to young women

BELTON, Texas -- The following is the text of a letter written by mass killer George Hennard to 'Stacee' and 'Robin,' names he mistakenly used for two young women he admired.

The letter was sent to Jill Fritz, 23, and Jana Jernigan, 19, who live two blocks from Hennard. They said he seemed obsessed with them and often followed them. He mailed the letter to them in June from Las Vegas.


Hennard had never spoken to the women.NEWLN: ------

Dear Stacee and ? Robin?

Surprise surprise. Can you guess who this is writing to you? Well just take a look at the enclosed pictures to help you figure it out.

They are for you and your sister ? Robin? I never did learn her name for sure. Believe it or not, to this day, 6/6/91, not one single person ever come forward and volunteered one bit of information that would help me lead to your capture.


One day before I left Texas to return to Las Vegas and all of it hassles, I saw in the Temple Telegram your picture and impressive accomplishments. Is your sister of the same caliber? I hope so.

The thing that immediately came to my mind was you are a senior in high school.

I then realized that the mystery of what the problem had been was finally solved after 3 years.

Think back now Stacee to Jan. 31, 1988, the night that Neal Pearl, my main man, and Russell played down in Austin. I remember seeing two young girls and their mother pass by me twice in a little tan compact car.

'Well what's going on here?' I thought to myself.

Oh my God, I was looking at two sisters just 15 and 17 years old at the time. I can promise you I had no idea of your young ages and the fact that I had just stepped into a legal twilight zone. My goodness I must admit (being) truly flattered knowing I have two teen-age groupie fans but unfortunately mommy dear had strong reservations about me.

Maybe your mother saw me as the wolf in sheep's clothing. Was she afraid I would act irresponsibly with her two precious gems and then run and hide?


Your mother made a miscalcuation in her evaluation of me. There was no place to run and hide, then or now. I worked and sailed on ships for 17 years. When there was a problem, conflict, or a crisis, no place to hide from it on the ship. We all just tried to correct it or sit and ride it out.

Do you think, Stacee, someday that you and your gorgeous sister could meet up somewhere sit down and have a long talk? Would there be any harm in that?

Let's face it, we owe it to ourselves to at least get acquainted. And the three of us find out who and what we are. Believe me, communication may come very easy.

The hard may come afterwards. You're both different and talented. That's why you caught my interest. And still hold it regardless of what went down during the past 3 years.

No doubt your father may be annoyed and angered the way I screamed at him the last night in Belton. That's fine with me I don't like his tactics.

I never at any time told him he could knock on my front door to talk and get acquainted, send me an invitation through the mail inviting me to pay you and your family a visit, call me on the telephone to say let's have a talk.


Enough is enough, now. His routine method leads nowhere. It was a dead end from day one. Excuse me, please, but both of your parents are so evasive and nebulous about what their intentions are that I just got disgusted and focused on one person, your sister.

Didn't do a lot of good, though.

OK, so now what do you and your family want to do? The question begs itself. Did you and your sister find yourselves any new flames yet?

Do you think the three of us can get together some day? Please give me the satisfaction of someday laughing in the face of all those mostly white treacherous female vipers from those two towns who tried to destroy me and my family.

It is very ironic about Belton, Texas.

I found the best and worst in women there. You and sister are the one side. Then the abundance of evil women that make up the worst on the other side.

I would like to personally remind all those vipers that I have civil rights too. Just because I did not hire an attorney they have carte blanche to do what they want in violation of these rights.


I will no matter what prevail over the female vipers in those two rinky-dink towns in Texas.

I will prevail in the bitter end. In conclusion, I ask you do not disclose the contents of this letter to anyone other than immediate family members. It is no one else's business but ours anyway.

I hope that you and ? Robin? will write soon to acknowledge receipt of this letter. Now it is your turn to respond. Remember, from this day one, no more talk of rejection, slander, deceit, and etc.

The truth is now in writing.

Peace sisters.

Love you both, George. Your fan. How about sending me your nice pictures. Ha. Ha.

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