Report: Jeffrey Dahmer kicked out of bathouse for drugging members

MILWAUKEE -- A former bathhouse manager says he kicked Jeffrey Dahmer out of the facility in 1986 because the accused serial killer drugged other members in his private room.

Bradley Babush, a former manager of Club Bath Milwaukee, said four to six patrons complained about Dahmer's actions during the summer of 1986. The City Health Department closed the bathhouse in December 1988 because of a feared utbreak of tuberculosis among its members.


Babush said all the complaints were the same against Dahmer.

'He got them drunk and then drugged them,' he said. 'They just got sick and nobody ever wanted to press charges.'

Dahmer was barred from the bathhouse when paramedics had to be called because one drugged man could not be revived and spent seven to 10 days in a hospital, he said.

'The police followed up right afterward,' Babush said. 'They talked to Jeffrey, they talked to the employees and they didn't think anything was serious enough so they didn't investigate any further.'

The Milwaukee Sentinel reported Saturday a man who asked not to be identified believes Dahmer drugged him at the bathhouse.

He said the man's first name was Jeffrey, he was blond, about 6 feet tall and worked at a chocolate factory.


'How many Jeffreys work at the chocolate factory and get kicked out of the same bathhouse for drugging people?' the man asked.

Dahmer, who told plice he killed 17 males and dismembered them, worked at Ambrosia Chocolate Co. He told police he drugged some of his victims.

The man who said he thought he was drugged said he noticed Dahmer 'because he was fairly good looking.' He said he went to Dahmer's room about 1 or 2 a.m., where he was offered a drink.

'I thought I'd take a couple sips to make the guy happy and get on with it,' he said. 'The next thing I remember, I was out in the common area, fully clothed and somebody told me he had drugged me and I had gotten sick all over the place.'

The man said he was unconscious more than three hours.

'His interest in me didn't seem to be sexual,' the man said. 'It seemed to be to get me to drink. Maybe he was experimenting with me to see what it would take to put somebody out.'

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