Explosion in Serbian enclave in Croatia

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia -- A bomb Wednesday destroyed a newspaper kiosk and damaged two nearby buildings in Knin, the main Serbian enclave in the western Yugoslav republic of Croatia. The blast caused no injuries, officials said.

It was the latest in a series of incidents to occur in Knin, 300 miles southwest of Belgrade, since a unilateral declaration of autonomy in October by leaders of the 600,000 minority Christian Orthodox Serbs in predominantly Roman Catholic Croatia.


Investigating Judge Sanibor Vuletin said a bomb blew up about 1 a.m. Wednesday beneath a newspaper kiosk in the southern part of Knin, the largest Serbian enclave in the republic.

The kiosk was destroyed by the blast, and two nearby buildings sustained damage.

Serbia and Croatia are the largest of Yugoslavia's six republics, and their rivalry has weakened the multi-ethnic Yugoslavian federation of 23 million people.

Out of Yugoslavia's 8.5 million Serbs, about 6.5 million live in Serbia in the east of the country, and about 2 million live in other Yugoslav republics.

Most of the nation's 4.6 million Croats reside in Croatia.

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