State senator accused of shoplifting condoms off the hook

CRANSTON, R.I. -- The CVS pharmacy chain will not pursue a shoplifting charge against a state senator who allegedly stuffed condoms into his socks and pocket and walked out of a store without paying for them.

The general counsel for CVS, Zenon P. Lankowsky, sent police an affidavit explaining that the Woonsocket-based chain did not wish to proceed against Sen. Dominick Ruggerio, D-Providence.


Lankowsky, a CVS vice president, said in the affidavit that the company is dropping charges 'without threats, coercion or intimidation.' A company spokesman declined further comment Monday and Ruggerio could not be reached.

Ruggerio is running for re-election in the 4th Senate District in Providence. He was to have been arraigned Tuesday on a misdemeanor charge he shoplifted a dozen condoms from a CVS store on Sept. 14. The court appearance was canceled when the company decided against pursuing the charge.

Police arrested Ruggerio shortly after they arrived at the pharmacy to investigate the shoplifting complaint. The store manager told police she saw Ruggerio opening boxes in the toiletry aisle and putting packages into his sock.

Ruggerio paid for other items at the counter and walked out of the store. When police confronted him, a pat-down search yielded two packages of condoms from Ruggerio's left sock, one from his right sock, and another from his left pants pocket, a police report said.


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