The queen who would be empress


LONDON -- Queen Elizabeth II should become Empress Elizabeth of Europe to ensure the unity of Europe, a royalist said Friday.

'Monarchies are becoming more popular, there are kings and queens in Sweden, Spain, Norway, Holland, a grand duke in Luxembourg, and, if the public had its way, there would be further restorations,' said Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke's Peerage, bible of the aristocracy.


''Everybody loves a lord,' goes the phrase and it is even truer that everyone loves a king even more.'

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher expressed concern last month that a united Europe could jeopardize Queen Elizabeth's sovereignty.

'Mrs. Thatcher's efforts to preserve the position of the queen as constitutional monarch here are admirable, but not admirable enough,' Brooks-Baker said.

He urged Thatcher to take her case further, 'impressing on the rest of Europe the inestimable advantages of joining us in the best of all forms of government.'

Brooks-Baker also suggested a European House of Kings, modeled on the British House of Lords, which would act as a 'moderating influence on over-ambitious politicians and a curb on the bureauratic powers of Brussels.'

He said he expected objections to his proposal. 'You have a lot of socialists on the continent,' foremost among them European Commission President Jacques Delors.


Also, there would be a battle among loyal subjects to decide which royal family, if any, would take the leading official role in Europe, Brooks-Baker said. Six of the 12 European Community countries have constitutional monarchies.

But among royal families, the U.S.-born royalist said, 'Our queen is recognized by them as the senior, from the senior royal family.'

The rank of empress is not new for British rulers. Prime Minister Benjamin Diraeli secured the title of empress of India for Queen Victoria.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said, 'There would have to be a new constitution from a United States of Europe for the queen to be installed as empress of Europe.'

The remark should not, however, be interpreted as an endorsement of the idea, another spokesman said.

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