Actor Kelsey Grammer taken into custody

LOS ANGELES -- Actor Kelsey Grammer, a cast member of the 'Cheers' television comedy, was taken into custody Thursday after showing up in court to respond to an arrest warrant in a drug case.

Van Nuys Municipal Court Judge Aviva Bobb issued the arrrest warrant for Grammer on May 2 after he failed to appear in her court to prove that he was enrolled in a drug rehabilitation program as an alternative to standing trial on cocaine possession.


When Grammer, 35, appeared in court Thursday, Bobb ordered him taken into custody in lieu of $7,500 bail. Grammer was expected to post that bail.

According to court records, Grammer did not enroll in the drug program. Grammer asked Bobb for a second chance to enter the program, but his request was rejected, Deputy District Attorney Andy Diamond said.

Grammer will now face prosecution in the cocaine case. Bobb scheduled a preliminary hearing for May 21.

Grammer then was taken to another Van Nuys courtroom where he had missed two court appearances in a 1987 drunken driving case. Arrest warrants were previously issued for Grammer for those missed appearances as well.


Grammer plays the brainy psychiatrist Frasier Crane in the 'Cheers' sitcom on NBC.

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