One killed, 8 injured in 'Bloody Sunday' bombing

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- A youth was killed and eight other people including a British soldier and police officers were injured when a bomb exploded during a parade to mark the anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday' in Londonderry Sunday, police said.

A 17-year-old boy died after he was hit in the head by flying masonry from the blast, which occurred at about 4:15 p.m. in Londonderry, about 80 miles northwest of Belfast, a Royal Ulster Constabulary spokesman said.


Four police officers, a British soldier and three civilians also suffered injuries in the explosion near a security base on the fringe of the republican Bogside district, police said.

The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for the bombing, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported.

Investigators said they believe the bomb, which had been hidden in a city wall overlooking the Bogside area, was meant for British security forces.

The device went off several yards away from where several hundred people, including members of Sinn Fein -- the political wing of the IRA -- marched in an annual parade.

The marchers and demonstrators were commemorating the anniversary of 'Bloody Sunday,' when 13 civilians were shot dead by British troops during a civil rights march in 1972 in Londonderry.


Minutes after the explosion, civilians in the bogside clashed with a heavy line of security forces who had been drafted into the city in anticipation of trouble, police said.

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