World's largest kielbasa unveiled

CHICOPEE, Mass. -- The world's largest edible kielbasa, weighing in at 449 pounds, was unveiled at the opening of the 16th annual World Kielbasa Festival, officials said.

It took 15 employees of the Chicopee Provision Co. 30 minutes to stuff the 'King Kielbasa,' which is showcased at the four-day festival, Jerome Partyka, vice president of Chicopee Provision Co., said Thursday.


This year's kielbasa is 13 pounds heavier than last year's record-setter, which also was made by Chicopee Provision and measured 26 feet, 3 inches, Partyka said.

'We just try to make it bigger each year,' Partyka said.

After the World Kielbasa Festival concludes, the monster kielbasa will be cut up and donated to charities.

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