By WILLIAM C. TROTT, United Press International

Just how much was Ringo Starr drinking during his boozing days? As much as 16 bottles of wine a day, the ex-Beatle said in a deposition he gave in an effort to stop producer Chips Moman from releasing an album they cut when Starr was often under the influence. Moman wants the record released while Starr is on tour to maximize his profits and he claims Starr is stalling so he can cut a live album from the tour.

Starr, who went through rehabilitation last year, says the 1987 album is lousy because there was 'always plenty of alcohol on the premises' when it was made. 'Certain nights, we were all under the influence,' he said. Starr's deposition says he realized he had a drinking problem six or seven years ago but he couldn't deal with it. 'I went through a lot of the different stages where I thought, 'I'll only drink wine,' and I certainly did for a while,' he said. 'But, I mean, 16 bottles of wine a day was as bad as drinking hard liquor.'


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