Lawman says he knows who killed Jimmy Hoffa

DETROIT -- Kenneth Walton, who ends a 24-year career with the FBI next month, said he knows who killed former Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa, but cannot do anything about it, the Detroit News reported Sunday.

Walton, 49, who ran the FBI's Detroit office from 1985 to 1988, is moving to New York to work for an international investigative and security company.


'I'm comfortable I know who did it, but it's never going to be prosecuted because ... we would have to divulge informants, confidential sources,' Walton told the newspaper.

'There was more than one person who killed Jimmy Hoffa or was involved in the efforts,' Walton said.

But 'we can't force a source, for example, to testify, and ... we go to extraordinary lengths to protect' confidential information.

'Some of the suspects are dead; some of the informants are dead,' he said.

Hoffa, reputed to have had links to organized crime, disappeared in June 1975 from a parking lot in suburban Detroit.

Walton, a law officer who had a flair for publicity that irritated some of his colleagues, said he is frustrated that he was unable to do more during his tenure to fight organized crime in Detroit.


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