Accident victim wanders, may have amnesia

SEATTLE -- A 37-year-old woman who may be suffering from amnesia could be living in Seattle after wandering away from an auto accident in Montana, her parents say.

The parents of Patricia Meehan were in Seattle this week looking for more information after someone spotted their daughter east of North Bend May 30.


The woman is described as 5-foot-3 and 117 pounds, with long reddish blonde hair and freckles. She was last seen wearing jeans, tennis shoes, a brown coat and carrying a leather purse.

A motorist involved in a April 20 accident near Circle, Mont., with Meehan said the woman just ignored her and climbed over a fence into a prairie and just kept walking.

Her father, Tom Meehan, a retired fireman from Pittsburgh, said sightings of the girl began May 4 in eastern Minnesota, all along Interstate 90.

'She was last seen on the old I-90 highway which leads into and is east of North Bend,' Meehan said, referring to a town in the Cascade foothills 20 miles east of Seattle.

'She had turned down a ride from a passing trucker and told the woman who noticed this that her car had broken down and she needed to get to a phone,' Meehan said.


'We talked to the woman driving the other car in the original accident and she asked Patty if she was hurt when my daughter came up to her. The woman said Patty never answered, instead turned around, climbed over a fence and walked into the prairie in pretty barren country.'

Meehan, his wife, Dolly, son Terry, 21, and other relatives have distributed 2,000 posters at truck stops, post offices and hospitals along I-90 from Seattle to Montana, he said.

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