Carroll O'Connor has gall bladder removed

ATLANTA -- Doctors at Emory Hospital removed actor Carroll O'Connor's gall bladder Monday, nine days after he underwent successful heart bypass surgery.

The two-hour gall-bladder operation was called 'uneventful' by a hopsital spokeswoman.


'He will be moved to a general intensive care unit as a routine measure, and then to a private room for the remainder of his recovery, which should total about seven to 10 days,' spokeswoman Judy Smith said.

'He was preparing to be released today or tomorrow after successful bypass surgery, but Saturday he developed some abdominal discomfort and a low-grade fever,' Smith said. 'Studies performed over he weekend showed a non-functioning gall bladder.'

O'Connor, 64, best known for his role as Archie Bunker in the 1970s television series, 'All in the Family,' underwent heart surgery at the hospital March 11.

The star of the current series, 'In the Heat of the Night,' was filming episodes of the television program in Covington, Ga., when he developed the heart problems.

Doctors do not believe O'Connor's inflamed gall bladder was caused by the heart surgery, Smith said. She said the fact that he already had six artery grafts around his heart to remove clogged vessels should make him able to 'more safely tolerate this surgery.'


'When symptoms did not resolve with medical therapy, general surgeons consulted with Mr. O'Connor and felt that probable removal of the gall bladder was necessary,' Smith said.

Smith said O'Connor's 'heart status is excellent, according to his cardologist, J. Willis Hurst, and his cardothoracic surgeon, Joseph Craver.'

The actor's gall bladder was removed by surgeon J. Michael Henderson, she said.

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