Margo Adams, the spurned mistress of Boston Red Sox...

BOSTON -- Margo Adams, the spurned mistress of Boston Red Sox batting champion Wade Boggs, tells of player racism and infidelity in an interview with Penthouse magazine that is bound to flare tempers at spring training camp.

In the lengthy interview, excerpts of which appear in Wednesday's Boston Globe and Boston Herald, Adams quotes Boggs' feelings about his fellow players, calling Roger Clemens 'Mr. Perfect' and claiming Jim Rice 'thinks he's white.'


Titled 'Designated Swinger,' the article quotes Adams as saying, 'any of these comments I make are going to be exactly Wade's words and how he felt about these players.'

Adams said Rice 'was always very affectionate with me and Wade would say,'I can't stand him putting his hands all over you.' She then goes on to speak about Boggs' alleged comments on the sexual practices of black men.

Boggs was upset that 'several of the white ballplayers preferred black women when they were on the road,' Adams said, adding he told one player 'it wasn't good for his image to be seen with a black woman.'

Boggs, reached through his attorney, Jennifer King, Tuesday night, issued this statement from his Tampa, Fla., home: 'I'm not going to dignify the story with a response right now. Basically, I've already refuted everything. I'm ready to play baseball and that's what I'm down here to do.'


Of Boggs' comments on Clemens, Adams said, 'Mr Perfect. That's what he calls Roger. He felt and a lot of players felt that he changed after that first year.'

Of Dwight Evans, Adams said, 'Wade felt Dwight didn't approve of his drinking and partying. He felt that Dwight went to management about him and Wade was spoken to about it. Dwight probably thought Wade was a bad influence on the rookies because of his relationship with me.'

Adams also quotes Boggs calling General Manager Lou Gorman 'a bastard' after going to arbitration with the Red Sox.

Reached in Winter Haven, Fla., where the Red Sox train, Gorman said, 'I guess I'm always the bad guy when I deal with players and contracts. This doesn't bother me at all. It's her talking. My relationship with Wade has been outstanding. I take that comment with a grain of salt.'

Adams, who is suing Boggs for $12 million for breach of oral contract, said she also had 'no doubt whatsover' that pitcher Bruce Hurst left the Red Sox for the San Diego Padres because of Boggs' affair with her.

Both parties have admitted that Adams, a mortgage broker from Costa Mesa, Calif,. was Boggs' road mistress from 1984-87. Boggs is married and has two children.


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