A chronology of events leading to Ted Bundy's execution...

A chronology of events leading to Ted Bundy's execution Tuesday in the electric chair at Florida State Prison near Starke:

-Nov. 24, 1946: Theodore Robert Cowell is born at home for unwed mothers in Burlington, Vt. Name is changed to Bundy when his mother marries years later in Tacoma, Wash.


-July 1974: Janice Ott and Denise Naslund disappear from Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington. A man calling himself 'Ted' had been approaching women at the park. Ott and Naslund bring to eight the number of women to vanish that year in Washington and Oregon. No charges ever filed.

-August 1974: Ted Bundy leaves Washington to attend law school at the University of Utah. Disappearances of young women begin again with Melissa Smith, 17, daughter of a suburban Salt Lake City police chief.

-Nov. 8, 1974: Handcuffs used in kidnapping of Carol DaRonch from a suburban Salt Lake City shopping mall. She escapes.


-Nov. 9, 1974: Debbie Kent disappears, her body never found. Handcuff key found next to her car.

-Aug. 17, 1975: Ted Bundy arrested, later convicted of DaRonch kidnapping; sentenced to prison for one to 15 years.

-July 2, 1976: Supreme Court reinstates the death penalty after a 10-year moratorium.

-1977: While serving the second year of his kidnapping sentence, Bundy is indicted for the murder of Aspen, Colo., nurse Caryn Campbell and extradited for trial. During break in pretrial hearings, Bundy escapes, disappears for nearly a week. He is captured and moved to jail in Glenwood Springs.

-Dec. 31, 1977: Bundy escapes the Garfield County Jail in Colorado.

-Jan. 7, 1978: Bundy rents room near campus of Florida State University in Tallahassee.

-Jan. 15, 1978: Bloodbath at the Chi Omega sorority house on FSU campus. Margaret Bowman, 20, and Lisa Levy, 21, are bludgeoned to death in their beds; several other sorority sisters injured; ballet student living in nearby duplex survives similar clubbing.

-Feb. 9, 1978: Kimberly Diane Leach, 12, disappears from Lake City (Fla.) Junior High School, 100 miles east of Tallahassee.

-Feb. 14, 1978: Bundy captured near Pensacola, Fla.

-Feb. 15, 1978: Bundy indicted for Chi Omega murders.


-April 7, 1978: Body of Kimberly Leach found in a hogpen in state park midway between Lake City and Tallahassee.

-July 21, 1978: Bundy indicted for Leach murder.

-July 24, 1979: Bundy convicted of Chi Omega murders.

-July 31, 1979: Bundy sentenced to death for killing Bowman, Levy. Appeals begin two months later.

-Feb. 12, 1980: Following trial and conviction, Bundy is sentenced to death for murdering Leach. Appeals begin two months later.

-Feb. 5, 1986: First death warrant is signed in the Chi Omega case by Gov. Bob Graham, now a U.S. senator.

-Feb. 26, 1986: Supreme Court stays March 4 execution.

-May 5, 1986: High court lifts stay.

-May 22, 1986: Graham signs second death warrant in Chi Omega case on same day appeals of Leach conviction reach U.S. Supreme Court.

-July 1, 1986: U.S. appeals court in Atlanta temporarily stays Bundy's execution scheduled for following day in the Chi Omega case.

-July 2, 1986: Appeals court permanently stays execution to give case full consideration.

-Oct. 14, 1986: Supreme Court denies Bundy new trial in Leach case.

-Oct. 21, 1986: Graham signs first death warrant for Leach murder.

-Nov. 18, 1986: Hours before Bundy was to die in electric chair, Atlanta appeals court stays execution for Leach murder to examine Bundy's competence to stand trial; later remands for hearing to federal court in Orlando, Fla.


-Dec. 17, 1987: U.S. District judge in Orlando rules Bundy is 'diabolical genius' and was perfectly fit to stand trial in 1979 for Leach murder.

-Jan. 17, 1989: Supreme Court upholds Bundy's competence during Leach trial, just 23 days short of 11th anniversary of her disappearance. Gov. Bob Martinez signs Bundy's second death warrant for Leach killing.

-Jan. 18, 1989: Bundy's Washington, D.C., lawyers start appeals process at circuit court in Lake City. Martinez reveals Bundy has offered through intermediaries to discuss other murders in which he is suspected if his Jan. 24 execution is delayed. Governor refuses.

-Jan. 19, 1989: Circuit Court judge in Lake City denies appeal; Bundy's lawyers move to Florida Supreme Court.

-Jan. 20, 1989: U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal.

-Jan. 21, 1989: U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta refuses appeal; Bundy begins confessing to 28 murders.

-Jan. 23, 1989: U.S. and Florida Supreme Courts deny appeals.

-Jan. 24, 1989: Bundy is executed in electric chair at Florida State Prison.

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