Rocker Springsteen, wife reach divorce agreement

LOS ANGELES -- Rock star Bruce Springsteen and his estranged wife, Julianne Phillips, have agreed on a division of property and have signed papers to make their divorce final in three months, her lawyer said Thursday.

Details of the settlement are being kept confidential, said Arlene Colman-Schwimmer, Phillips' lawyer.


Phillips, an actress-model, appeared with her lawyer in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday to sign the papers specifying the division of property, Colman-Schwimmer said. The divorce will be final March 1, 1989, she said.

'We reached a settlement,' Colman-Schwimmer said. 'We are pleased with it. It was fair.'

Colman-Schwimmer conceded it was 'unusual' for a couple with a lot of assets to reach a settlement less than four months after filing for divorce, but said Phillips 'wanted to handle it in a dignified manner.'

Springsteen could not be reached for comment.

The New Jersey singer, whose 'Born in the U.S.A.' album has sold more than 18 million copies, was worth $27 million last year, according to Forbes magazine.

Phillips, of Los Angeles, filed for divorce Aug. 30, citing irreconcilable differences. Under California property laws, Philips was entitled to 50 percent of all money and property acquired during the marriage. The couple were married in May 1985.


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