Movie Review -- 'Twins'

CATHY BURKE, United Press International

Teaming the hulking Arnold Schwarzenegger and diminutive Danny DeVito in any movie is an irresistable sight gag. Teamed as twins, in the aptly named 'Twins,' this very odd couple take the notion to new heights -- and depths.

When the pair are trying the least, they make the double-barreled joke of this movie gut-bustingly funny. It's when Schwarzenegger and DeVito -- as long-lost twins Julius and Vincent Benedit -- seem to be aware of the joke themselves that 'Twins' wears thin.


Yet, as directed by Ivan Reitman ('Ghostbusters'), 'Twins' keeps up some very high spirits, and proves that muscle-man Schwarzenegger can handle comedy as adeptly as he has his strong man roles. He plays the gags for all they're worth, and gives the role of Julius some very hilarious moments, both visually and with very bright comedic timing.

For his part, Schwarzenegger's Julius is a far better turn than DeVito's Vincent -- a despicable yet endearing con man who acts pretty much like the dispatcher character he made famous in the television hit, 'Taxi.' Schwarzenegger is doing his best at looking and acting angelically silly; DeVito is coasting for the most part as the devilish sibling, and over-acting for the rest.


Schwarzenegger recently described the movie as 'made for' he and DeVito, giving the audience the muscle man's tough-guy routine as well as some requisite naked upper-torso shots, while allowing audiences to laugh it up at DeVito's lovable creep role.

The premise is in the title. Julius, after being brought up on a desert island, and given the best education both physically and mentally, sets out to find his twin brother, a 35-year-old delinquent con artist who has been raised in an orphanage in Los Angeles. The twins were the product of a genetic experiment in the early 1950s. But due to one evil scientist involved, knowledge of the twins existence was kept from their mother.

So the pair -- after a hilarious reunion in a L.A. jail -- set out to find the woman who doesn't even know they exist. Oh yes, Vincent also sets out to do a little extortion involving a revolutionary engine. Thankfully, the plots mesh nicely somewhere around New Mexico.

A mother is found, integrity is revealed, and the twins become true brothers.

But for hours afterward, no matter what your thoughts are of the plot and its execution, the picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito dressed up in identical linen suits and shades will keep you laughing.


This movie is rated PG. Film contains some violence and sexual content.

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