Stripper plans to sue Morton Downey


MINEOLA, N.Y. -- Stripper Kellie Everts said Tuesday she is filing a $40 million damage suit against Morton Downey Jr. for allegedly humiliating and degrading her when she appeared on his television show.

Everts' attorney, Jack Solerwitz, said at a news conference that Downey physically assaulted and maliciously defamed her before the cameras as the show's audience cheered him on.


Everts, of Brooklyn, said her motive in appearing on the show was to try to rid the public of the stereotype that strippers 'are fallen women.'

She said that before she agreed to be part of the show, the producer, David Sittenfeld, assured that there would be 'nothing vicious' in Downey's treatment of her.

Everts charged that Downey called her 'a hooker, a pig, a slut and a tramp' and said she 'has diseases.'

She added that Downey used his 'pelvic area' to 'body slam' her on three separate occasions during the show, pushed her into a chair, and broke a shoulder strap of her dress.

Solerwitz said he would file the suit in State Supreme Court in Mineola.

Everts said she intends to defend the character of women strippers, 'particularly voluptuous, big-breasted women.'


The bleached blonde said her measurements are 46-26-38, and she displayed a generous expanse of decolletage to prove it.

'I am an ordained minister, and I am very well known for stripping for God,' Everts said.

'I have given thousands of sermons in theaters and night clubs. About 10 years ago, the Blessed Virgin appeared to me, and I took a vow of celibacy, and I have kept that vow,' she said.

Everts added that she is a mother and a grandmother.

Asked to give her age, Everts hesitated, laughed nervously, and said '36.'

The show was taped on Oct. 26 and appeared locally on WWOR-TV Channel 9 on Nov. 4.

Another stripper, Yvette Paris, a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, said she appeared on the same show to plug her book 'Dancing the Hard Way,' for which she is seeking a publisher.

Paris, who said that she will serve as a witness for Everts, said Downey asked her: 'Do you do drugs? Do you sell your body?'

She said that when she answered no to these questions, the audience booed and made derisive remarks to her.

Paris, mother of two children, said she became so disgusted with the treatment accorded her by Downey that she walked off the set 10 minutes before the show ended.


'They told us that we were going on the show to help boost the ratings,' Paris said. 'Well, they treated us like guinea pigs.'

Paris, 36, of Patterson, N.J., said she is considering filing a separate damage suit against Downey in a New Jersey court.

Downey could not be reached for comment on the planned suit.

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