Yoko Ono art performed Sunday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Three pieces of audience participation art by Yoko Ono, one of the original performance artists in the 1960s, will be presented Sunday, marking her first major show since 1972.

The exhibition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Gallery of Art features three pieces that require physical, mental and emotional participation from visitors.


Ono, widow of rock musician John Lennon, will be present at the gallery but will not participate in the art work, which consists only of actions by the visitors.

The works, 'Nail It,' 'Play It With Trust,' and 'Mend,' are new and have never been presented to the public before this exhibition, said Gallery Director Craig Subler.

Ono, , was involved in the 'happenings' in the downtown New York art world as early as 1960. Her works center around music and performance and consist of personal but public actions called 'events.'

The exhibition runs through Dec. 16, when it goes to the Whitney Museum in New York.

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