The Boston Herald Wednesday bypassed its favorite son and...

The Boston Herald Wednesday bypassed its favorite son and endorsed the presidential candidacy of Republican George Bush, and the Lincoln (Neb.) Star gave its backing to Michael Dukakis, saying, 'Bush's convictions have been as firm as Jell-O.'

Boston's second-largest newspaper, in an editorial covering virtually the entire front page of the tabloid, said it considered leadership the overriding factor because it 'translates policies from being merely words ... to being the actions of a government and the direction of a nation.'


The Herald, owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch's News America Publishing Inc., noted it backed Dukakis in the Democratic primary and did not oppose his 1986 re-election campaign. But, it said, 'to those both within and outside the state, we urge, don't make our mistake.'

The Lincoln (Neb.) Star, saying a 'direction of change' is needed, endorsed Dukakis. The Star said neither Dukakis nor Bush come close to being a leader who can rally and inspire the nation.

'Dukakis promises competence and high ethical standards. Bush has a resume of experience and exudes confidence. Neither is enough,' the Star said.

'Bush's convictions over the years have been as firm as Jell-O. His history is that of a loyal follower and appeaser,' the newspaper said.


Bush 'failed fundamentally' in his selection of Sen. Dan Quayle of Indiana for his running mate, the Star said. The Democrats also failed by failing to bring the 'best presidential candidates' forward.

The Reagan administration has been a period of 'short-sighted capitalism' that is 'at as dead end as classic socialism.'

'Four more years in that direction only delays solution, deepens the mire and worsens the pain and prospects for the nation's recovery,' the Star said. 'We endorse the direction of change. We endorse Michael Dukakis.'

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