The Omaha World-Herald, saying George Bush has the character...

Oct. 24, 1988
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The Omaha World-Herald, saying George Bush has the character and ideas to keep the nation moving forward, Monday endorsed the vice president over Democrat Michael Dukakis for the presidency.

The state's largest newspaper said Dukakis offers himself as the candidate of change whose proposals point in the direction of more, not less, government.

Dukakis also shows he would favor a more passive, trusting role in dealing with other countries, while Bush acknowledges that progress has occurred in the Reagan administration and proposes to build on it, the World-Herald said.

'George Bush has the background, character and ideas to keep the nation on course,' the World-Herald said.

The newspaper editorial said inflation has been reduced by two-thirds, interest rates are half what they were in the last years of the Carter administration and the expanding economy has been helped by an improved business climate, which has produced a net gain of 16.8 million jobs since the end of the 1981-82 recession.

'Dukakis pretends that those accomplishments didn't happen,' the newspaper said.

'The vice president's approach has been proved effective. To abandon it and try something else would constitute a bigger risk than America needs to take,' the World-Herald said.

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