WILLIAM C. TROTT, United Press International

Actor Harry Dean Stanton is making a try at rock 'n' roll. 'I've sung all my life,' he says. 'I had a little bit of training in college, a year of music and a few lessons but not enough to hurt me too much.'

Stanton met Michael Been of The Call while making 'The Last Temptation of Christ' and they started jamming together. They got together with Elvis Costello and played a Los Angeles club to a nice response and now comes the Repo Man Band, named for Stanton's memorable movie roles. Stanton plays guitar and harmonica and shares vocals with Been as the Repo Man Band tours clubs around the country. But despite the growing interest in his singing, Stanton said he has no plans to abandon acting. 'I'm not about to quit my daytime job,' he said.


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