Schlumberger to move California lab to Texas

NEW YORK -- Schlumberger Ltd. Friday announced plans to phase out its technology research laboratory in Palo Alto, Calif., and re-establish some of its functions at a lab in Texas.

The New York-based oilfield services company has formed Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Sciences in Austin, Texas, which is expected to begin operating in November, said a company spokesman, S.T. McCormick.


The company also plans to transfer some of its computer science research operations from Schlumberger Doll Research laboratory in Ridgefield, Conn., to the Austin facility.

Henri Doll was formerly a chairman of Schlumberger.

McCormick said he had no information on how many workers would transer to Texas or whether the company expects to hire or lay off any of its employees as result of the move.

Schlumberger, which also is engaged in electronics and utility metering, employs a total of 50,000 people.

The director of Schlumberger Technologies Laboratory, Reid Smith, will become the director of the Austin computer science facility.

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