Prince Charles condemns TV violence

LONDON -- Prince Charles used the opening Thursday of a museum dedicated to motion pictures to condemn those responsible for gratuitous violence on television and video.

Speaking to British film and television leaders at the opening of the new Museum of the Moving Image, the Prince of Wales expressed his concerns on behalf of 'all those of us with children.'


Charles, who has two sons, was particularly critical of the video industry and pointed out that all types of videotapes are available to children.

'If you claim that a diet of violence is likely to have some effect on the way that some people behave, then you are told there is no proof that this has any effect,' he said.

'But this is palpable nonsense. It is the trick used by experts to confuse us and what we are seeing with our own eyes.

'It is high time someone told these experts that like the emperor with his new clothes, they are wearing nothing at all.'

Before declaring the center open, Charles added, 'I hope the museum, as well as being educational and fun, will show how far good taste has diminished over the years.'


Members of the film industry were quick to strike back at the prince.

'It ill-behooves the prince to lecture people instead of congratulating them on their success,' film director Michael Winner said.

Norman Abbott, director of the British Videogram Association, called his remarks 'ill-informed.'

The $17 million museum will open to the public Friday.

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