President Reagan declared Tuesday no policies or decisions of...

WASHINGTON -- President Reagan declared Tuesday no policies or decisions of his 'have ever been influenced by astrology,' but a spokesman acknowledged that his wife Nancy has followed astrology since the president was shot in 1981.

Former White House chief of staff Donald Regan reportedly discloses in his forthcoming book that Reagan and his wife consult astrologers for help in making decisions.


Asked about the reports at a ceremony where he signed an Asian Pacific American Heritage Week proclamation, Reagan said, 'I am making it a policy not to comment on these books that seem to keep flooding out, but no policies or decision in my mind have ever been influenced by astrology.'

Asked about making scheduling decisions on the basis of astrologers' advice, he said: 'You know, I'm still looking for the fellas who tell me every day what I'm going to be doing.'


But White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater told reporters, 'It's true that Mrs. Reagan has an interest in astrology,' and explained that it stemmed from the attempt on the president's life on March 30, 1981.

'Astrology has been her concern in terms of his activities,' she said. 'She follows it and is concerned with astrology.'

Elaine Crispen, the first lady's press secretary, said that Mrs. Reagan had 'a slight interest in astrology when she lived in California.

'Certainly when March 30 came into her life, she was more frightened,' said Crispen, and 'she talked to an astrologer ... primarily concerning his (the president's) safety ... and a safe time to travel.'

'I don't know of any use of astrology for a schedule change,' said Crispen, adding that when Mrs. Reagan sees her husband off on his travels 'she holds her breath.'

She said the first lady fears the disclosure will be 'blown out of proportion ... that major decisions are being made ... and exaggerating' the influence of astrology. 'She did mention that she hasn't talked to anyone in a couple of months,' said Crispen.

Fitzwater, who said he discussed the matter with both the president and Mrs. Reagan, said, 'They both feel that it's (the report) unfortunate and a distraction and hardly relevant to the business of government.'


Other than acknowledging the first lady's direct interest, Fitzwater said that Reagan 'doesn't haveany interest other than reading (it) in the newspapers.'

'Millions of people are interested in astrology. ... That's why newspapers print it every day,' he said.

House Democratic leaders treated the report lightly. House Speaker Jim Wright, D-Texas, said he had not read the press reports but remarked, 'It's all right with me. I'm glad he consults somebody.'

Rep. Tony Coelho, D-Calif., assistant Democratic leader, added, 'We should check whether Jeanne Dixon recommended a veto of the trade bill.'

Regan could not be reached for comment Monday, but sources confirmed to United Press International that his book contains such information. Reagan himself has always shied away from making predictions on grounds that he is 'superstitious.'

On April 22, Reagan explained to visiting members of the American Legislative Exchange Council how 33 was his 'lucky number.'

'It was my number on my jersey when I played football,' he said. 'I was the 33rd governor. And even when we were buying a ranch and I was on pins and needles as to whether we were going to get it and friends of ours down in Los Angeles kind of handling the thing called me up on the phone one day and he said, 'I just thought you would like to know that on today, the 3rd of December, at 3:33 p.m. this afternoon, escrow closed. The ranch is yours.'


'Tony Dorsett, the great star of the Dallas football team, somehow got wind of this and my feeling about it, so now I have a Dallas football jersey with the number 33 on it -- after they'd won the Super Bowl.'

Sources said that Nancy Reagan urged her husband to sign the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty at the summit meeting in Washington with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev at 1:33 p.m. on Dec 8. That is when the accord was signed.

Sources told NBC Monday that scheduling of major events, including travel, have been changed because the Reagans said an astrologer indicated another time would be better.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Nancy Reagan 'regularly consulted astrologers to determine the timing of presidential speeches and announcements.'

An unidentified administration official told the newspaper that the president 'is definitely aware of it. He approved of it.' The same official said the astrology was 'a very, very, very closely held secret' because aides 'feared the public might misunderstand.'

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