Gov. Buddy Roemer, the man who swept to victory...

BATON ROUGE, La. -- Gov. Buddy Roemer, the man who swept to victory over his flamboyant predecessor Edwin Edwards, was sworn in Monday and declared waron ignorance, environmental pollution and dishonest political leadership.

'I will not let you down,' Roemer told voters who responded to his campaign call to join the 'Roemer Revolution' that drove Edwards out of office in the fall elections.


'On behalf of our Louisiana family, we declare war on ignorance, on racisim on joblessness, on business as usual, on environmental pollution and on dishonest political leadership,' Roemer said in a 10-minute speech followiong the inauguration ceremoney in which former Sen. Russell Long administered the oath of office.

'Don't be fooled. We didn't win the war on election day. We just won the first battle. The war is not over. It has just begun. It will be long and difficult. To win we need your courage, your compassion and your character.'

Edwards, who sat on the inaugural platform between former Gov. Dave Treen and Archbishop Phillip Hannan of New Orleans, did not speak.

About 5,000 people turned out in sunny but chilly and windy weather to watch the changeover of executive power.


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