Hite ends her relationship with the media

NEW YORK -- Shere Hite, whose new book claims most women are unhappy with their affairs with men, ended her relationship with the media because it 'does not seem to be mature enough,' the author's spokeswoman said.

'The media does not seem to be mature enough to deal with the subject at hand,' Hite's spokeswoman Elizabeth Smith said Thursday in explaining the author's decision to stop giving interviews about the new book.


The decision was prompted by a television appearance Wednesday when Hite became outraged over an interviewer's questions and walked off the set, Smith said.

The incident occurred on Fox Television's 'A Current Affair,' when host Maury Povich asked Hite about a chauffeur who claimed Hite punched him when he called her 'dear.'

Hite replied that she preferred to discuss her book's survey of women and was lured on the show under false pretenses. She then walked out of the studio in Washington.

That interview was the last one Hite will give, her spokeswoman said.

'Since it is so impossible to talk about the contents of the survey and what 4,500 women are trying to say, she's decided not to do any more interviews with anyone,' Smith said.


Smith said the incident supported the findings in Hite's book 'Women and Love.'

'It totally reflects what women are saying about men in the book - that men don't want to listen. They always change the subject,' Smith said Thursday.

Hite has received about 300 interview requests from television shows, radio programs and newspapers, Smith said. 'We're not going to do any of them.'

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